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"Organize your favorite source code segments."



Size: 345 Kb
Downloading time: Less then a minute.

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Code Collector 0.1.0 - SOFTPEDIA
Code Collector 0.1.0 - SOFTPEDIA "100% CLEAN" AWARD

Feature details

Organize source code segments into different categories

This is the idea of this software. It is actually database of your favorite source code segments, which you can organize into different categories. By this, when you need some source code in your current project, you will be able to find it fast and implement it, and at the end you will improve productivity of programming process.

Manage categories

You can make as much as you need categories with different names. The category you have made, you can rename or delete. With deleting category, you are automatically deleting all source code segments which were in.

Small, fast and useful tool

It is only 400 kb. You are need less than a minute to download and install it. It works very fast and uses less then 5M of operating memory.

Quick search

With this feature you will be able to search your code collection database by name of items into selected category.

Advanced search

It is fast feature which can help you to find wanted source code segment by entering different criteria of search, and setting some searching filters.

Backup and restore code collections

Secure your code collection by this feature. You can also use it to save your code collections when you reinstalling your operating system or to share your code collection with some other user of this application.

Different looks (skin-able UI)

Set up look of this software as you wish by choosing one of few given themes.

Bring your code collection with you on your USB flash drive

If you want to have your code collection with you in some USB flash drive, you just need to copy installation directory with all files on your USB flash drive.

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